Speight’s is the Pride of the South and has traditionally been brewed at Speight’s Brewery since 1876. Situated on the same site today in Rattray Street, Dunedin. Browse the family of fine beer served at the Napier Speight's Alehouse.

Speight's Empire IPA

Our brewers decided to bring back an old favourite. Speights Empire is brewed with a generous addition of Kohatu hops to deliver spicy aromas and a clean bitterness.

Drink Style: India Pale Ale

Colour 20

Calories (/100ml) 50

First Brewed: 2010

Bitterness: 40

Alcohol Level: 5.5

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 200

Speight's Mid Ale

Brewed using Crystal, Caramalt and Chocolate malts, enough to give the beer a smooth caramelized malty flavor and aroma. The sweetness provided by the malts is balanced by an addition of Pacific Jade and Green Bullet hops to the kettle boil to release their hoppy bitterness. The finished product is a perfectly balanced, mid strength beer that’s still full of flavour.

Drink Style: Ale

Colour 26

Calories (/100ml) 23

First Brewed: 2014

Bitterness: 12.5

Alcohol Level: 2.5

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 98

Speight's Cider

Speight’s brings you a well balanced, refreshing 4.6% ABV cider. The full bodied profile comes from the batch fermentation of juice sourced from 100% New Zealand grown apples, and is expertly coupled to a dry finish, which leaves you wanting more of this amber cider.

Drink Style: Cider

Colour 7.9

Calories (/100ml) 40.85

First Brewed: 2011

Bitterness: n/a

Alcohol Level: 4.6

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 171.58

5 Malt Old Dark

This dark ale has roasted malt character with a hint of chocolate. The flavour has been balanced with extra hops and rounded out with just enough sweetness.

Drink Style: English Porter

Colour 90

Calories (/100ml) 36

First Brewed: 1991

Bitterness: 23.5

Alcohol Level: 4.0

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 150

Speight's Gold Medal Ale

Speight’s is an ale with a hint of “grassy” undertones that add to its complexity. It has the full flavour of Speight’s malt and hops.

Drink Style: Draught Amber Ale

Colour 21

Calories (/100ml) 32

First Brewed: 1876

Bitterness: 14

Alcohol Level: 4.0

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 135

Speight's Distinction Ale

Speight’s is an ale with a hint of “grassy” undertones that add to its complexity. It has the full flavour of Speight’s malt and hops.

Drink Style: Traditional Dark Ale

Colour 40

Calories (/100ml) 41

First Brewed: 1994

Bitterness: 17

Alcohol Level: 5.0

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 172

Speight's Summit

Brewed with only natural ingredients, Speight’s Summit Lager is a smooth flavoured lager free of artificial additives and preservatives. With the addition of the Pacific Hallertau hop variety added late in the brew. Speight’s Summit Lager delivers a smooth, crisp and refreshing taste with less of the maltiness associated with Speight’s Gold Medal Ale.

Drink Style: Lager

Colour n/a

Calories (/100ml) 31

First Brewed: 2008

Bitterness: n/a

Alcohol Level: 4.0

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 135

Speight's Triple Hop Pilsner

With such a classic Czech lager style, the challenge is to achieve flavour balance between characterful malts and the strong hop content. Nelson Sauvin and New Zealand Saaz hops are added at boil’s end for a fresher fruitier aroma. The biscuity residual sweetness of Munich Malt provides the balance, leaving a clean finish.

Drink Style: Pilsenert

Colour 12

Calories (/100ml) 45

First Brewed: 2002

Bitterness: 31

Alcohol Level: 4.0

Energy (kilojoules/100ml): 190